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Sicilian Pesto

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Hello there!

Here we are with my first recipe to share wih you! As you know, pesto is a sauce originating in Liguria, a north-west region of Italy, made by basil, garlic, pine nuts, olive oil and parmesan. As you can see from the title, I'm going to talk about Sicilian pesto... Yes! This is a different version of the traditional pesto. Well, let's see the ingredients!

Ricotta cheese   150 gr.
Garlic   1
Cherry tomatoes   500 gr.
Basil (a fistful)
Pine nuts   50 gr.
Parmesan   100 gr.
Extra virgin Olive oil  150 ml.
Pepper (as much as you like) 

The recipe is very very easy.

You need to wash the basil leaves and dry gently with a dishcloth. Then, place all the ingredients in a mixer and blend. Taste the pesto and, if you want, add parmesan or oil.
Unlike traditional pesto, this one is more creamy because of the ricotta. Anyway, a this point, add the Sicilian pesto to the pasta and serve your delicious Italian dish to you, your family or your friends!

Hope you like this recipe!

Ps If you want to read the recipe in italian click here!



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