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Salmon and Courgette Risotto

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I haven't posted a risotto recipe for a while, so here I am, using two ingredients that I really love: salmon and courgettes. Read the recipe below!

Carnaroli rice 250 gr
Fresh Salmon 150 gr.
White wine 1/3 glass
1/2 Onion
Vegetable stock
Extra virgin olive oil
Philadelphia 2 spoons

3 servings 
  • Cut  the salmon and stir fry in a pan with a little bit of olive oil and onion.
  • Add the rice and let cook for few minutes, until it will become translucent.
  • Now, simmer with white wine until reduce.
  • Add the stock gradually, it must be boiling.
  • In another pan stir fry the chopped courgettes with the chopped onion and a little of olive oil.
  • When the risotto is almost ready, whip the courgettes with 2 spoons of Philadelphia.
  • Now switch off the burner, add the courgette cream and the risotto is ready!


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