sabato 27 settembre 2014

Red Wine Pork Loin - Super Easy and Tasty

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In my opinion, the simple things are always the tastiest. This recipe is a proof of my point of view, since it's made ​​with only three ingredients ... meat, red wine and olive oil, and it is obviously very good and tasty!

Red Wine
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Pork Loin

  • Take a pan and put some olive oil in it. Let warm. The olive oil must cover the whole pan's surface.
  • When the oil is warm, place the pork loin in the pan.
  • Let cook every side of the loin.
  • Now you can simmer with the red wine until reduce.The amount of wine depends on your taste, if you like its flavour, add a lot.
  • The cooking time changes depending on the size of the loin. To be sure it is cooked, start to slice it, and, in case, keep on cooking.
  •  Now let cool the meat and then cut into slices.


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