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Orange Risotto

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In my personal top 3 of risotto, the second place goes to this one. I adore it, because it has a very delicate flavour, refined. In this recipe I give you the doses, even though I think they are a little bit useless because they depend on you. If you like to add more butter (or whatever) it is up to you and your taste.

Rice 350 gr.
Orange 1
Butter 50 gr
Onion 1
Chives 2-3 spoons
Parmesan 30 gr
White Pepper
White Wine
Vegetable stock

1) Wash very well the orange and take off the peel. Be careful not to take off the white part because it is bitter and you don't have to use it. Cut the peel into very thin stripes.
2) Finely chop the onion and stir with the butter (not all), and then add the rice to toast it.
3) When it will become translucent, add the white wine until reduce.
4) Now add the orange juice and the stock until the rice will be ready.
5) When the rice is almost ready add the orange peel stripes, the chopped chives and the white pepper.
6) Now switch off the burner, add a little bit of butter and grated parmesan. In this way the risotto will be creamy. In Italian we use to say "mantecare".

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