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Chickpeas and Potatoes Soup

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I love soups, especially in winter. The recipe of today is a very easy soup, perfect for the cold days of winter and suitable to your taste, because you can add your favourite spice and personalise it. In my opinion, it would be very good with curry or rosemary.

Onion 1/2
Potato 1
Chickpeas 600 gr
Spaghetti/Linguine 20-30 gr
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

5 servings

1) Chop the onion and let cook for a little with the olive oil in a pan.
2) When the onion is golden, add the potato cut into small pieces. Let cook for few minutes.
3) Now add water up to cover everything. Let cook until the potato is almost cooked.
4) Add the chickpeas. The chickpeas I have used were already cooked, so that's why I have added just in the end. If you use the dry ones, put in water the night before and cook them before the potato.
5) Cook for few minutes and the soup is ready.  Switch off the burner and add the pasta. Given that the soup will be very hot, after few minutes the pasta will be cooked. In the end, add salt.

Hope you like this recipe!

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  2. Ho fatto la facina non la legge bene ed e venuto fuori il punto interrogativo.

  3. Tranquilla! Comunque era davvero buonissima... se ti viene in mente di farla anche tu fammelo sapere ;)