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Saffron risotto

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Good afternoon people!

Here we are today  with a new recipe. We are going to talk about... risotto! I love risotto in general so much, that I would eat it everyday! Moreover, the recipe is always the same, you only need to change the main ingredient.. that's cool :)

Anyway, let's see the ingredients.

Carnaroli rice
 Stock (If you make it, it's MUCH better)
White wine 1/2 glass

If you know "Risotto alla Milanese", this recipe is quite similar, but there are some differences that make this version lighter.

Finely chop the onion and stir fry with butter. As regards the doses, it depends on you! You can decide by eye, depending on your habits or on how much people you have for dinner! By the way, when the onion gets gold, add the rice and toast it. After few minutes, add the white wine and let it evaporate. Then, start to add the stock; when the rice absorbs it, add more. Keep on doing this until the rice is completely cooked. During this process, add the saffron and the salt. Now you can turn off the cooker and add the butter to make the risotto creamy. So whip and add parmesan.

Now taste your delicious risotto and feel the Italian flavor!


To read this recipe in Italian click here!


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