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Meat Roll with Eggs and Ham - Perfect for Christmas!

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Good morning people!

Here I am today with a tasty recipe, perfect to amaze your guests for Christmas lunch or dinner!
Let's see the ingredients you will need.


2 Eggs
Cheese (fontina or cheddar)
Mortadella (or ham)
Beef meat
White whine
Olive Oil

This recipe is not difficult to make, but you'll need some time to accomplish every step.

1) Take 2 eggs, mix them and cook an omelette.
2) Take the meat (about 800 gr) and place the omelette on it.
3) Add some chopped garlic and parsley. Add the mortadella (as much as you want) and the sliced cheese.
4) Now roll up the meat with all the ingredients inside and tie everything with a twine, in order not to let open the meat while you'll cook it.
5) Place in a pan and let cook with one clove of garlic and extra virgin olive oil. After few minutes simmer with the white wine until reduced.
6) Let cook for an hour and turn the meat every 15 minutes to cook very well every side.

Then, the recipe is over! It is not so difficult, is it?

And last but not least....

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