lunedì 20 gennaio 2014

Middle Eastern Recipe: Falafel

My mother and I really LOVE to cook other countries' recipes, so this is what has come out in a rainy Sunday morning... Falafel! I think I don't have enough words to tell you how much I loved them.. Simply delicious!

Chickpeas  400 gr. (1 can)
Onion   1
Garlic   2 cloves
Fresh minced Parsley   1 teaspoon  
Cumin   2 teaspoons
Coriander   1 teaspoon
Sunflower seed oil 
1) Drain the chickpeas, dry them with a dish-rag and take out the peel. It is a little long, you need to be patient but it worth it, I promise.
2) Put in the mixer the dry chickpeas, the onion, the garlic and the spices. Mix it and let rest for 1 hour.
3) If the mixture is too soft, add 1/2 spoon of flour. Now shape the veggieballs pushing a little in the centre, as I show you in the picture.
4) When the oil is hot enough, fry them until they will be golden/brown.

We really love them, hope you too!
If you want to read this recipe in Italian click here! 

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