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Easy Peasy Emmer Salad

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Ok, this time has been difficult to translate "farro" in English, but I've read many articles about that and it would be translated "emmer", at least in regard of the quality I'm going to talk about. In Italian is "farro perlato", precisely: like this one.
Anyway, this recipe is very easy and particularly suitable for the summer season. It's even quite light.

Emmer - 200gr
Cherry tomaotes - about 15
Basil - 10 leaves
Garlic - 2 cloves
Extra virgin olive oil

3/4 servings

1) Cook the emmer. In my package there was written to cook it in boiled salted water for 10 minutes and I've cooked it for 13 minutes and it was still a little hard, so my advice is to cook it for about 15 minutes. By the way, try it before drain, in this way you will be sure it is ready.
2) Wash the emmer under fresh water in order to remove the starch in excess. Doing so, the emmer won't be pasty.
3) Now take the cherry tomatoes, wash them and cut into 4 parts. Put them in the emmer with basil leaves, garlic and the extra virgin olive oil. If you love garlic, add the garlic powder.
4) If it is needed, add salt.

Mission accomplished! That's a perfect dish when you don't feel like cook but you want to eat a savoury and light dish.

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