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Easy Lentils Soup + Curry Version

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Hello people, 
Here I am with another soup's recipe! I've told you, I really ADORE soups in winter, so take this recipe ;)

Onion 1/2
Potato 1
Lentils 200 gr
Spaghetti 20-30 gr
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
6 servings

1) Chop the onion and let cook for a little with the olive oil in a pan.
2) When the onion is golden, add the lentils. Let cook for about ten minutes. The lentils I have used were dry, so I have put them in cold water since the night before.
3) Now add the potato cut into small pieces and let cook for few minutes.
4) Add the water, up to cover everything.
5) Cook for about 1 hour and check the lentils until they will be cooked. 
6) When the soup is ready switch off the burner and add the pasta. Given that the soup will be very hot, after few minutes the pasta will be cooked. In the end, add salt.
7) For a spicy taste add curry. It adds a unique flavour!

Hope you like this recipe!

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