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Traditional Italian Meatballs

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Hi people,

Sooner or later I had to write my recipe of meatballs. Probably, it is one of those dishes that make you think about Italy, after pasta and pizza of course! This is my first time I've cooked them and they were very good so... here the recipe!


Ground Beef 350 gr
Egg 1
Garlic 1 clove
Tomato Sauce 400 gr
Onion 1/4
Extra virgin olive oil
Sugar 1 teaspoon

With this amount of meat I've made 24 meatballs.

1) Place in a bowl the meat, the egg, the minced garlic and parsley, the parmesan, the salt and the breadcrumbs. Mix it until it is compact, and add breadcrums if it is needed. Regards to the parmesan, the amount depends on you and your taste.
2) Now shape the meatballs. I've made balls of 3 cm of diameter, more or less.
3) Now put the olive oil in a pan and let warm up.
4) Now add the chopped onion, stir, and after few minutes add the tomato sauce. Add a little bit of salt and a teaspoon of sugar. As I said in this post about the tomato sauce, the sugar is essential to contrast the acidity of the tomatoes.
5) After 5 minutes add all the meatballs and let cook for about 15-20 minutes.

Mission accomplished ;)

My advice: With the leftover meatballs' tomato sauce, when there are no more meatballs or just a few, use it as a tasty sauce for your pasta! Just like this...

UPDATE: I cooked the meatballs again... they are really better with beef and pork mince! ;)

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