martedì 16 dicembre 2014

Banana Bread

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The first time I heard about the banana bread I was in Nottingham, during my Erasmus (the best experience of my life) and I liked it so much that I've talked about it for ages. I really love the banana flavour in this treat, because it's not too strong, but it gives it something special. It is delicious, simply.


4 Ripe Bananas
2 Eggs
Flour 200 gr
Brown Sugar 100 gr
Butter 80 gr
Greek Yogurt 40 gr
1/2 teaspoon Cinnamon
Baking Powder 6 gr
Baking Soda 3 gr
Lemon Juice

  • Squeeze the peeled bananas with a fork, and sprinkle with a few drops of lemon juice in order not to turn black.  
  • Put the softened butter and sugar in a bowl and mix with a whisk.  
  • Then add the eggs, mix the ingredients and add a pinch of salt.  
  • Add the squeezed bananas and mix together.
  • Now add the sifted flour, the bakind powder, the cinnamon and the walnuts (how much you like).
  • Use a plumcake mold with the baking paper and pour the mixture in.
  • Bake in pre-heated oven at 180° for 50 minutes.


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