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Red Lentil and Barley Soup - Thermomix

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Yesterday I felt like eating a soup, so I decided to cook the red lentil and barley soup. I've used the 30 minutes cooking barley, because it was perfect to use with the red lentils, whose cooking time is the same. The tastier thing of this soup is definetely the bay leaves flavour, it gives that special something!
Obviously, you can do this recipe even without the Thermomix, following the same steps but using a normal pot.

250 gr. Red Lentils
50 gr. Barley
1,5 lt Water
1/2 Onion
4 Spoons Tomato Sauce
1 Teaspoon Tomato Paste
7 Bay Leaves
EV Olive Oil

Cooking time 35 minutes

4 servings

  • Grossly cut the onion and put in the Thermomix, mix for 5 seconds, speed 7.
  • Now add the extra virgin olive oil, the cut bay leaves and cook for 3 minutes, speed 1, 100°.
  • Add thered lentils, the barley, the water and cook for 15 minutes, speed 1, 100°.
  • Now add the salt and water if it is needed, and keep on cooking for 15 minutes, speed 1, 100°.
  • You won't need to blend because, at this point, the red lentils will be creamy and the barley will be perfectly cooked and it will gave consistency to the dish (to put in briefly, it won't seem like baby food)
  • Ready to eat!

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