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Savoy Cabbage and Rice Soup

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The Savoy Cabbage and Rice Soup is a light dish, but very very good. It's not difficult to make so you have definitely to try it!

1/2 Savoy Cababge
1/2 Onion
170 gr Carnaroli Rice
Vegetables Stock
Grated Parmesan
Grated Pecorino
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

4 – 5 servings
  • Wash and cut the cabbage and stir fry in the chopped onion with a little olive oil. 
  •  Let it cook for few minutes and then cover with the vegetable stock (I do not use stock cubes) and cook about 20 minutes.
  •  At this point add the rice, pepper,salt and cheese and let cook a little less then the cooking time of the rice.
  • Let rest for few hours if you can, because it because better with the passage of time.
  • If it is needed, add water.


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