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Healthy and Yummy Chicken Curry

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Hi people!
Okay, I know. This is not an Italian dish at all, but it's my favourite chicken recipe and I want to share with you my version of it. My mother and I are crazy about it and we would eat this dish everyday if it was possible!

Greek yogurt
Olive Oil

1) Cut the onions and the carrots in a good measure, depending on your taste, obviously. For my part, I like a good deal of it.
2) Place the onions and carrots in a pan and add the olive oil. Stir fry until they become golden.
3) Now add the chicken cut in pieces and let cook.
4) Add curry as much as you like and a little bit of salt.

5) Switch off the burner and add the greek yogurt to make the dish creamy.
6) Serve with plain rice

Enjoy your yummy meal!

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