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Lemon and Basil Risotto

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Good sunday people!

Here I am with a new recipe, one of my favourite risotto's recipe ever! This recipe is from my uncle, who loves  eating like me.. we are foodie! Maybe the union of lemon and basil may sound weird to you, but trust me, it's amazing!

Carnaroli rice 180 gr
Lemon 1/2
Basil 10-12 leaves
Onion or shallot 1 and 1/2
White wine 1/2 glass
Vegetable stock

The method of cooking the risotto is always the same, so it's not difficult. 
1) Cut  the onion into small pieces and let stir fry with a little bit of butter.
2) Add the rice and let cook for few minutes.
3) Now, simmer with white wine until reduce.
4) Add the stock gradually.
5) Halfway, add the minced basil leaves, the lemon juice and the lemon zest.
6) When the risotto is almost ready, add the juice of one lemon and the salt.
7) Now switch off the burner, add a little bit of butter and grated parmesan and the risotto is ready!

As I've said, this is one of my favourite risotto ever, because it has a fresh taste (I don't know if I can use "fresh" in this sense in English, if you are reading let me know if you understand what I mean), thanks to the lemon. It's very tasty and delicate.

Hope you like it!   
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Ps. Click here to read the recipe in Italian in my mother's blog!


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