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Malfatti al sugo

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Hi there,

Today I'm gonna show you a delicious recipe made with ricotta cheese and spinach. I don't know the origin of this dish, because even in my city it's not so famous, but in my family it's a very classic!

It's very very easy to make and very very good to taste :)

In Italian "malfatti" means "badly made". But let's see the ingredients!

Ricotta chese - 800 gr
Spinach (fresh or frozen) - 6 little cubes
1 egg
Flour - 50 -60 gr
Sugo (Tomato sauce)

1) If you use fresch spinach, boil, squeeze and cut them; if you use frozen spinach, cook them for 5 minutes.
2) Place the ricotta in a bowl and press with a fork.
3) Add the spinach, the egg, the salt, the flour and the saffron.
4) Let rest in the fridge for about an hour, or 20 minutes in the freezer.
5) Now make the meatballs (or cheese balls in this case, eheheh)
6) When the water is boiling, put the "malfatti" and when they come up, they are ready!
7) Now serve with tomato sauce and parmesan.

Enjoy your meal!


P.s. Click here to read this recipe in italian.


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